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Specializing in Employee Benefit Enrollments Since 2008

Benefits are expensive and to many employees are confusing!  Although an important part of every employer’s compensation package, employees typically do not appreciate how much employers contribute to their benefits and the pace of rate increases on health insurance.

Helping employees better understand their benefit options is a challenge to many employers.  Smaller companies often do not have a dedicated, full-time Human Resources person and larger companies often have so many employees it’s nearly impossible to provide more than a high-level overview.  It’s difficult to meet every employee’s need and answer all of their questions, which can be quite personal.

Annual enrollment periods are communicated in a variety of ways including group meetings, webinars, emails, posters and word of mouth.  Unfortunately, employees often lose interest in group meetings and webinars which are described as ‘boring’, don’t take the time to open or fully read emails, ignore postings, etc.

As a result, employees:

  • Are confused regarding deductibles, maximum out-of-pocket costs, HSAs, HRAs, FSAs, etc.
  • May not fully comprehend the advantages of in-network vs. out-of-network providers and balance billing by out-of-network providers resulting in complaints and frustration with their employer.
  • Believe if they do not enroll in Health insurance, they are not eligible to enroll in voluntary, employee paid disability and life insurance as well as any other supplemental benefits.
  • Overwhelm HR with questions, do not properly complete their enrollment, miss the open enrollment deadline, etc.
  • Consider voluntary, employee paid supplemental benefits such as Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital as separate benefits rather than as part of a comprehensive benefit package designed to help cover Medical co-pays and deductibles.
  • When given the option to self-enroll, do not even open up and consider many of the benefits their employer has made available.  

The end result, is employees often do not take full advantage of the benefits offered; blindly waiving benefits which could be of significant importance to them and their families and/or not selecting the options best suited to them and their families.

It’s been proven the best method to help employees better understand their benefit options is to offer one-on-one meetings with an experienced benefit counselor.  It’s a free service to employers resulting not only in higher employee satisfaction with their employer and the benefits available to them but also greater confidence in benefit selections while significantly reducing Human Resources’ workload.  

An Eastbridge Consulting study found 65% of employees say a one-on-one meeting with a benefit counselor is the most helpful way to introduce them to benefit changes. 

Since 2008 we have specialized in helping employees better understand their benefit options by patiently explaining benefit options in clear, simple, laymen’s terms.  All of our benefit counselors have a minimum of ten years’ experience and are well versed in both core (medical, dental & vision) and supplemental benefits (accident, critical illness, disability, hospital and life insurances).  We are experienced with a wide variety of enrollment systems and offer virtual enrollments with a secure screen sharing option which does not require employees to download it on their computers.  We even know how to properly complete paper applications!

Our job is simple:

  • Help employees better understand the benefits available to them through their employer, so they can make a better, more informed decision regarding which, if any, benefits are the best fit for themselves and their families.
  • Significantly lessen the demand on Human Resources.

Over the years we’ve developed numerous long-term, win/win relationships with employers and brokers.  We welcome the opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding one-on-one enrollments and our services as well as discuss your next enrollment.  

Please review ‘1-on-1 Advantages’ for additional details on the benefits of offering our free no cost to employers one-on-one enrollment services.